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Thanks so much for all of the excellent work you have done for our Association over the past couple of years. Your counsel and expertise has gone a long way to help us develop and implement a plan for our development that is more thoughtful and comprehensive then we thought possible. We look forward to our continued partnership in the years to come. 

Brent, Northfield

Just wanted to give you an update - the trees all have leafed out and are looking very good. Thanks so much for your help! 

Adele, Bloomington

I did recommend you to a neighbor on “NextDoor” which is an app or website where neighbors ask for advice or report lost cats, that type of thing. So I suggested you! 

Stella, Minneapolis

I want to tell you my beautiful tree is flourishing and turning leaves into amazing colors. Thanks again for your help. 

Jacquie, Minneapolis

If anyone needs a great arborist, Faith with Tree Quality is amazing. She came out to our house to do a risk assessment of one of our trees and was an absolute delight to work with. She took the time to talk with me about each of the trees in our yard, and answered all of my questions with a genuine concern for my understanding. Her interest and pride in her work was evident, and the visit was a real learning experience for me. I don't typically post much--but I wanted to make sure to acknowledge the great work Tree Quality is doing and thank Faith for her work! 

Molly, Robbinsdale

Thank you for the great service! I’m awaiting a call back from ____ regarding an estimate. I’ll assume its ok with you if I refer your services to others. I’m thrilled to have “found” you. 

Sheila, Eagan

Very, very satisfied. The County paid the appraised values for the remaining trees, which was a pleasant surprise. 

Kerry, Lakeville

We were notified by the city of major road construction with a significant impact to our landscaping and trees. Over 50 trees would be destroyed by the construction, some well over 100 years old. We contacted Tree Quality to complete an appraisal of the affected trees on the property. The appraisal was very professional in evaluating the health, probably age of the trees, and likelihood of survival through construction. The appraisal allowed us not only to have many trees identified for professional moving, and saved from destruction, but also to value those that were unable to be moved and therefore lost in the process. The city was equally impressed with the quality of the appraisal and compensated us fairly for the loss. This would never have happened without Tree Quality’s appraisal. Thank you, Tree Quality!

Geri, Eden Prairie